PLEIS-NB Online Resource
(For Abusive Partners)

We must address the abusers as well or there will always be more victims. Please pass this along to anyone & everyone who may benefit from this resource. #LoveShouldntHurt

Directory of services for abusive partners


PLEIS-NB Online Resource
(For Victims of Abuse)

The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) is a great online resource that provides an extensive list of services and programs for individuals and families experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). #KnowledgeIsPower #AwarenessSavesLives

Directory of services for victims of abuse


Emergency Intervention Orders

What is an Emergency Intervention Order?

"An Emergency Intervention Order (EIO) is an order made under the Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Act on application of someone experiencing intimate partner violence. These orders may contain a variety of temporary conditions to enhance the safety of victims. They may include, for example, provisions for the applicant to temporarily stay in the family residence (apartment, house, mobile home, etc.) while the partner (respondent) must move out. Emergency Intervention Orders are intended for situations where intimate partner violence has occurred or is likely to occur, and the situation is serious enough to require an immediate response." - PLEIS Pamphlet on EIO

Emergency Intervention Order booklet


Love Shouldn’t Hurt

As shown in the infographic below, intimate partner violence (IPV) hurts everyone. The "Love Shouldn’t Hurt" campaign is meant to promote the kinds of education and awareness efforts that can make a real difference in terms of ending IPV in the province. Thank you to the Government of New Brunswick for this campaign.

Love shouldn't hurt. Want to do something about it? Click here.