What is Transition House? 

Transition House is a safe and confidential shelter for abused women and children. We can provide accommodations for up to 19 women and their children.

Women may stay for up to a period of 30 days. During this time, women and children can begin their healing process and arrange for alternate housing plans. Food and other essentials are provided at no cost. Household chores, living areas, and bathrooms are shared among the women. Each woman is provided with their own bedroom. Mothers and children share a bedroom. 

Mission statement

Transition House is a home for abused women and their children. It provides refuge, comfort and a time for healing. A measure of our success is achieved through clients who strive to lead happier and healthier lives through self-improvement thereby providing hope for the future.


The Corporation known as Women in Transition House Inc. was founded subsequent to the recognition of the special needs stemming from the uniqueness involved in domestic violence in our community. Philosophies of Women In Transition House Inc. include the following:

  • Through the process of developing and providing various services and programs we will help reinforce attitudes, beliefs and values which contribute to the health of individuals and families and, ultimately the overall health of the community;

  • Evidence suggests that prevention correlates with the degree of personal involvement by individuals for resolution of problems affecting them. Prevention, therefore, is as much a process as it is a service;

  • Voluntarism and community self help processes contribute to a sense of integrity, self-worth and interdependence which are significant factors in sustaining or developing strong and supportive community structures; and

  • Recognition that social breakdown at the individual, family or community level can be prevented, or its degree of severity and impact can be reduced.

Main objectives

The objectives of the house are to:

  • Provide services such as lodgings, advocacy, and referrals to the victims of physical, emotional, sexual, economic and/or social abuse, and

  • Inform the public and promote awareness of the mandate and objectives of Transition House. 

Our role

  • Provide emotional support to women dealing with the effects of trauma

  • Provide information about the dynamics of abuse and its effects

  • Provide accompaniment to appointments

  • Help women make safety plans

  • Assessment of risk and threat 

  • Understand women’s process of staying, leaving and returning abusive relationships 

  • Help to co-ordinate systemic response between police, court services, and child protection

  • Advocate with police, court services, child protection when systemic response is substandard

  • Help women find housing – transitional or permanent

  • Help women deal with economic challenges

  • Help women to support their children with the effects of witnessing their mother’s abuse

Our history

Women in Transition House first opened its doors in 1980 as a result of the hard work and dedication of a group of individuals led by Anne Crocker. Fredericton was the first city in New Brunswick to open a shelter for abused women and children. In 1991 the shelter was able to move to a newly renovated facility offering more room for clients. The services offered and provided have changed over the years as new resources and programs have been created and implemented throughout the province. Our shelter is currently staffed by an Executive Director, an administrative support worker, full-time crisis interveners, a child support worker, and several relief staff. 

Today there are thirteen shelters across New Brunswick offering a safe place for families effected by domestic violence to reside in safety for a short period of time. Women in Transition House, along with the other shelters in the province are non-profit organizations and are overseen by a board of directors. The shelters are further funded by the provincial department of Family and Community Services.

Board of Directors

President: Jennifer Whitehead
Vice President: Bonnie Wood
Secretary: Nancy Grant
Treasurer: Shelly Rickard

Janice Clarke
Erica Gorman
Joan Harty
Glenis Mahaney
Faye Rammage
Monika Zauhar

Executive Director: Jan Smith

Our boy, Moose!

Women in Transition House is pleased to introduce our permanent feline resident, Moose! This fellow had become a stray in the neighbourhood before we adopted him. Moose is extremely lovable, affectionate, and enjoys his naps. We have received comments from several residents on how having Moose in the facility has helped them feel a bit calmer and experience a sense of home. He often sits with the ladies on the couch in the evening to catch up on the latest television shows! We are happy to have Moose on board and are thrilled that our residents are enjoying his presence <3