The history of women in transition house inc.

Women in Transition House first opened its doors in 1980 as a result of the hard work and dedication of a group of individuals led by Anne Crocker. Fredericton was the first city in New Brunswick to open a shelter for abused women and children. In 1991 the shelter was able to move to a newly renovated facility offering more room for clients. The services offered and provided have changed over the years as new resources and programs have been created and implemented throughout the province. Our shelter is currently staffed by an Executive Director, an administrative support worker, full-time crisis interveners, a child support worker, and several relief staff. 

Today there are thirteen shelters across New Brunswick offering a safe place for families effected by domestic violence to reside in safety for a short period of time. Women in Transition House, along with the other shelters in the province are non-profit organizations and are overseen by a board of directors. The shelters are further funded by the provincial department of Family and Community Services.